From Twyning Road (B16 0HJ) to Technology Innovation Centre, Millennium Point

Bus Number: 87

Bus Duration: 20 minutes

1.  Walk from Twyning Road to DUDLEY ROAD, opposite CITY ROAD.

At the top of TWYNING ROAD, turn left into CITY ROAD (A4040); After 275yds, arrive at DUDLEY ROAD (A457);

2.  Catch Bus 87 DUDLEY ROAD to THE PRIORY QUEENSWAY.  Operated by Travel West Midlands.
3.  Walk from THE PRIORY QUEENSWAY to Technology Innovation Centre, Millennium Point.

After 90yds, turn left into ALBERT STREET (B4132); After 50yds, follow ALBERT STREET (B4132) to left; After 400yds, continue into CURZON STREET (B4132); After 250yds arrive at Millenium Point.

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